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LONDON (17 January, 2019)

During a Thursday night opening at the West End’s Aria Art Gallery, a freshly forged motley trio of London-based artists — Barbara Safronova, Doctor Brunet, and Katerina Zbortkova — unveiled EUREKA MOMENTS, a quirky and satirical series of works which cleverly cock an eyebrow at today’s smartphone entangled world.

On show until 21 February, their works grapple in a playful, cartoonish fashion with ideas of social media influence. Sharing a style reminiscent of 1960s pop art, these artworks expose and explore the ubiquity and power of seemingly trivial symbols seen by billions of eyeballs across the planet every day. Alternating between blatant and oblique, these works allude to some of the societal dangers associated with image distortion and information overload in our daily interactions. The works reflect a quirky, asymmetrical set of responses to a notable paradox setting in among almost any Millennial : namely, that despite communications getting ever quicker and more efficient, the result can in fact lead to triviality, alienation and anxiety.

Das B

Das B is a French/Brazilian artist who travelled his way to adulthood nomadically via Paris, New York, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro and a few places in between. His influences come from a luxury background and the street art he found along his travels. His brief moments at L’Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts along with the great dada and surrealist movements helped him find a voice. His works derives from a universe he created, in which he explores our most basic and animalistic thoughts and behaviors; simply laughing at the need for differentiation, constantly looking to adapt and reshape one’s identity via the characters of his universe. Ultimately rejecting a perceived truth to seek of deeper meaning through a cartoon like lense. Das B embraces what drive us the most, our need to fulfill ourselves, whilst focusing on keeping a positive outlook at all times.

Das B is inspired by who and what he believes to be odd - extravagant (He likes Salvador Dali.) His moniker — Das What's Up — came from an idea, a thrill being fulfilled that had to be expressed to with as much thrill and joy. Das What's Up The paintings presented at Aria Art gallery are from his DasB collection, emphasising on Das Bear - making his iconic bear the protagonist of the story, leading us through his interpretation of our lives as if we were like looking through a distorted mirror. Giving the viewer a glimpse into his thoughts, fears, dreams and environment. The core sensation that is embraced throughout his paintings is joy #daswhatsup

Painter, doctor, creator.      Instagram:  #daswhatsup #dasisgood


Katerina Zbortkova

Katerina Zbortkova is a contemporary artist born in the Czech Republic. She attained a degree in illustration at the University of the Arts London. Katerina’s art explores the act of storytelling across a plethora of media, tackling edgy topics within the framework of often kitsch surrealist, compositions. Katerina’s work is known for turning the obsequious into the absurd and the maddening into the sublime. Throughout her works, she perpetually weaves a thread that creates an eclectic tapestry of contemporary affairs, psychological case studies and social commentary. Humour, attention to detail, and symbolism give her paintings depth and longevity. In her vibrant colourful scenes, the characters move centre stage and reach out beyond the canvas to communicate directly with the spectator in the gallery. Katerina’s artistic expression combines abstraction with self-awareness. Her training as an illustrator gives a cutting edge to her craft, with meticulous observation and introspection creating an outstanding harmony of logic and emotional power.

Katerina is tenacious in her quest to achieve quality and meaning in her work. She is abundantly creative and imaginative, allied to the precision of excellent illustration technique (Tony Dyson, Saatchi & Saatchi PR operations). Katerina is a highly talented artist with a keen eye for combining the surreal with the politically astute. Her works are fun, provocative and always eye catching. She’s certainly one to keep an eye on (Adam Garrie, Political Analyst for RT).

Website: Instagram: katerinazbortkova

Barbara Safronova

Barbara is a contemporary artist based in London. While studying at Central Saint Martins, Barbara began to enter worldwide art competitions, two of which, ‘Traditions of India’ and ‘Bible Stories’ she has recently won. As one of the prizes, Barbara’s work, along with several other artists has been on tour across 35 countries including Israel, Russia and Germany. Barbara has had several solo exhibitions around London, and her work was recently showcased at the popular dining spot, MNKY HSE in Mayfair. Barbara’s pop art style artwork draws attention to the exclusivity of luxury. Her artwork is full of symbols which catch the eye and link to motifs similar to ones shown in contemporary advertising, fashion, pop culture and music. Every painting has a certain dose of humor which highlights increased social media addiction, cryptocurrencies and money chasing. Barbara’s art is loud, almost shouting, as it aims to burst out of a plastic world and manifests itself into its own era of energy. The temptations shown in her work are seemingly irresistible to the modern day consumer, which almost all of us have become. Instagram: barbara_safronova


Das B. Studio

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