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Back In Europe

After 12 long months, I made it back to the EU and back to the La Forteresse.

I am beyond excited to be back home and to be able to continue working at the studio with pace and haste. During my stay in the United States, I was able to finish about 100 paintings - finalising the Hommage and Das Abstracts series, starting La Femme and Das Comics series and continuing the Das Bear series.

Currently, I am in London until mid November. I will be meeting up with The Platform Gallery in Camden for a photoshoot and will make the latest painting available for prints. This is the 3rd Das Comics painting (only 10 will be made), commissioned by a close friend and forward for QPR Football club.

As some of you may be aware, the artistic focus for the rest of this year is entirely on Das Comics, Italian Summers, and La Femme series. Some of them have been commissioned directly by people you may have seen on tv or in magazines, listened to on the radio and even seen in movies - so please keep an eye out and check out my IG for more upcoming details! I am very eager to complete these and have a show ideally in Milan or Berlin for next year.

Another one of my focus will be on the clothing side - I just finished my partnership with LeFevre Designs which was a success - I want to thank everyone that contributed in this effort and I plan on creating more clothes at a more affordable price for everyone to enjoy.

Last but not least, make sure to keep up with my IG for more details in my story.


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