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About   Das B.

Das B is a French/Brazilian artist, he initially started experimenting with street art, painting graffiti in Midtown/Upper West Side in NYC and throughout Paris in the late 2000s; gradually moving on to canvases, prints, clothing, furniture designing, NFTs and more. The shift from graffiti to canvas was made after an arrest in NYC and a conscious decision was made to use the name Das B to remain anonymous. His initial works were based on raw emotions expressed through vivid colors; influenced by hip hop culture, constant visits to museums and galleries and the countless travels around the world. To this day, Das B's art stands somewhere between fine art and naïve art as he is developing into his own style and growing in depth, with a goal to make his artworks a more accessible. Das B currently paints in Paris, London, Denver, and Palma de Mallorca. Das B is showcasing his works permanently and making them available via prints at the The Platform Gallery in London while working on partnerships for the NFT project #dasisgood


A Deeper Look...

Das B was born in Lyon, France, in 1992. He never graduated from an art institution but spent his life visiting galleries and museums around the world as a way to learn about art history and themes expressed throughout the years - essentially making him a Naïve artist. He studied briefly at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in the early 2010s and continued to create and polish his artworks outside of the institutions. .


His influences come from his extensive travels, allowing him to explore multiple cultures and methods of expression. Visiting countless museums and galleries he found across both Americas, Europe and Asia.  His brief moments at  the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts along with the great artist of his time helped him find a voice. His works derive from a universe he created, in which he explores our most basic and animalistic thoughts and behaviors; constantly looking to adapt and reshape one’s identity via the characters of the universe he created. A perceived truth, a deeper meaning through a cartoon like lense.

Das B embraces what drives us the most, our need to fulfill ourselves, whilst focusing on keeping a positive outlook.

The Impact...

Das B is inspired by who and what he believes to be odd - extravagant and unique in style. His monikers "Das What's Up" and "Das is Good" came from an idea, a thrill being fulfilled that had to be expressed. This desire to express joy became a core factor in his creative process. Das Bear, his iconic bear, is the protagonist of the story, leading us through his interpretation of our lives as if we were like looking through a distorted mirror. Giving the viewer a glimpse into Das B's thoughts, fears, dreams and environment. The core sensation that is embraced throughout his paintings is and always will be #daswhatsup #dasisgood

Das B. Studio

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