DasB et son chien

Hommage series

40.6 x 50.8 cm
16 x 20 inches

Acrylic on cotton canvas

Signed on front - B
Signed and dated on reverse -
DasB et son chien
Das B


Inspired by Picasso's oil painting "Claude à deux ans" which sold at @christiesinc #nyc back in May 2019 for $8,674,000. Insane amount... I like the original painting, it reminded me a lot of my youth and how I hang with my dog now, I try to keep things simple at times and this painting is, its youth and his companion. I had to DasB it as Picassos always wanted to keep his youthful spirit intact and I think keeping mine is the best way to honor him.

DasB et son chien


    Das B. Studio