Das Stijl "Das Style"

Hommage series

40.6 x 50.8 cm
16 x 20 inches

Acrylic on cotton canvas

Signed on front - B
Signed and dated on reverse -
Das Stijl "Das Style"
Das B

This painting wasn't based on anyone's specific work, but instead by a great movement which rose from chaos and new world order. Inspired by the avant-garde movement known as De Stijl, prominent from 1917 to aprox 1931 and led by Piet Mondrianand Theo van Doesburg.

De Stijl means "the style" in Dutch, it emerged from the gruesome aftermath of #WW1 and viewed art as a means of social and spiritual redemption, its members embraced a utopian vision of art and its transformative potential. The main components of these works are based on geometric shapes, lines, squares, rectangles, circles...and primary colors. Piet #Mondrian led this movement with Theo van Doesburg and aimed to find a universal presence and response to the decorative excesses of #artdeco, using various media like fine art, sculptures. De Stijl left it's true marks in the realm of architecture, helping give rise to the International Style of the 1920s and 30s.

Das Stijl "Das Style"


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