Das Snoop


Das B

Hommage series

40.6 x 50.8 cm
16 x 20 inches


Acrylic on cotton canvas


High Gloss Varnish finish

Signed on front - B
Signed and dated on reverse -
Das Snoop - He don't bite
Das B


(Inspired by @bbbrycewong , @kaws, @migos and @snoopygrams )


(Inspired by Bryce Wong , Kaws, Migos and Charles Schulz )

This was a compilation of great artists that have shaped the current American culture. All originating from the works of Charles Schulz - the American cartoonist who created Peanuts. One of the most successful American comic strips of the mid-20th century, he is a big inspiration to me. His artwork is inspired by the life he lived and how he interpreted it. I strive to keep the same mentality as Mr. Schulz as nothing is truly original, just subject to one's perspective and ability to render it as their own based on their personality. 


Thank you Charles for making our youth formidable with your vision.  

Das Snoop


    Das B. Studio