Anti-Social Social Club

Hommage series


40.6 x 50.8 cm
16 x 20 inches


Acrylic on cotton canvas


Signed on front - B
Signed and dated on reverse -
Anti-Social Social Club
Das B

Inspired by E. Vuilhaume's amazing and unfortunately untitled oil painting from the mid 19th century, currently hanging in our living room. His scenery depicts a vivid party happening in front of a house, people are dancing, drinking, playing music, laughing and pissing. Debauchery really. I decided to draw inspiration from this painting while reflecting on our current situation with this pandemic and social distancing rules...simply taking away the party and focusing on 2 people having a good time at their house - abiding to the whole social distancing approach and enjoying their isolation. Keeping a #dasisgood mentality is key for these rough times.

Anti-Social Social Club


    Das B. Studio