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Das B: Brightening up the Neighborhood

It all started with an idea, a dream, a greater sense of what is 'Das What's Up'

In a few words, it's a mind set. Das What's Up is a way to describe a sense of amazement, an infinitely too great of a feeling to simply be categorized as great or even fucking great. Some people might call it issa mood, it's lit, awesome bro, or even send it...but these are rookie numbers that need to be pumped up.

I came up with Das What's Up a while back and it stuck, much like an orgasm, a smooth drink or a solid steak - things we all need. Yet, it is not the feeling before or during the development of the feeling, its the exact moment of climax along with a slight moment of acknowledgement...Das What's Up.... this is happening/just happened at the right time. I fucking did it. Das What's Up makes you smile, and it keeps you going.

Anyways, I hope this little look into the mentality behind all of this helped you all.

Das B.

Killing Them With Love


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