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Location, Location, New Collection?

I've been quiet recently, at least not writing nearly enough...since Eureka Moments earlier this year a few things have happened. I've moved out of London and consolidated a collection in La Forteresse in France, traveled around Malaysia for commission artworks, opened up a new studio in Colorado, launching a new collection here, and having a couple of work being auctioned in Paris and Denver this month #daswhatsup.

All that being said, I am sorry for not keeping the website up-to-date on upcoming projects and available artworks. I have mainly been focusing on creating new designs, coming up with different styles and methods of painting, finding the right subject for the future series and contacting various artists to collaborate with. Essentially prioritizing the creative aspect of being an artist, and I am proud to announce a 2 new series in the works - Abstract and Hommage.

Das Abstract

Das Abstract is a smaller project dedicated to my time traveling over the past and upcoming months - this incompasses my time in Malaysia and Colorado (May 2019 to April 2020). The main focus of the series is to reflect and study the environment I recently experienced, taking a closer in standing still landscapes and infusing an abstract x DasB approach to it.

This will heavily rely on the colour clashing against one another to create scenic, dreamlike moments,

The total of paintings to accomplish by April 2020 is 10 canvases, all varying in size, style, and shape.


The Hommage series consists of 36 artworks total, inspired from many artists and masters that have influenced DasB's artistic path.

The medias used will be respective of the style of the chosen artists, or at the very least interpreted that way, this will include and not be limited to canvas, boards, doors, linen, and more.

The purpose of this series is to show gratitude and to demonstrate the importance of knowing where we come from. Studying the past to enhance the future has always been a fundamental part of growth, as an artist, looking into the process of these artists whilst utilizing some #dasisgood strokes to create new paintings is both a project of passion and academic. I expect this series to be fully executed by November 2020 as there are already 7 paintings finished and a few already commissioned.


Das B. Studio

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