Das Collections


Paper Trails

Paper Trails is a short series consisting of 15 artworks painted on paper. The following paintings were based off the Automatism  technique and the events within the first 6 months of 2020

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 21.37.20.png

Eureka Moments

artworks made for the show Eureka Moments and exhibited at Aria Art Gallery in Mayfair, London in early 2019. The show consisted of 3 artist from various styles and backgrounds. 


1st   Era

Das B's first set of paintings from NYC and Paris circa 2010.

Walk This Line, DasB & Mondrian


The Hommage Series is a collection of 36 paintings  All with the singular purpose to celebrate the great artists of our times and their immeasurable influence in Das B's life.

 100 x 50 cm_Acrylic paint on cotton can

Das B and  Me

Das B and Me looks into the universe of Das Bear, the artworks captures glimpses of emotions and actions centralized on the the signature character

Das Desert__Das Abstracts Collection__76

Das Abstracts

Originally based from a commission work done in Penang, das abstracts captures the hidden beauty of mountains, jungles, sunrises and sunsets with a playful twist

Got Schmoods_ •_Plenty more to come ;)_•

Unspoken Collabs

Collections of Unique artworks on various medias, repurposed and redesigned by Das B. Unspoken Collabs is a collection of unofficial collaborations 

Das B. Studio